Bio / CV

Krzysztof Pacholak
Born 1986. Live and work in Warsaw, Poland.
Photographer, curator, photography teacher.


- sociology [University of Warsaw, Poland - Institute of Applied Social Sciences], 2005-2010
- photography [Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic - Institute of Creative Photography], 2010-2014


- The Association of the Creative Initiatives "ę" (art coach, culture manager and photographer)
- Sluzewski Culture Centre (photography teacher)


2015 "Transit" / Millenium Hall, Rzeszow, PL (group exhibition "Krajobrazy Miejskie")
2015 "Transit" / Galeria Ratusz, Zamosc, PL (solo)

2013 "School" / Fotosommer Stuttart, DE (part of a group exhibition "I SEE EUROPE! A visual journey in various chapters") >See exhibition view<

2012 "School" & "Don't Live Alone" / "I have no illusions" exhibition by Eddie the Eagle Museum and OT 301 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 "Don't Live Alone" / Galeria Szara, Cieszyn, PL (part of a group exhibition "Sum is equal to the difference")
2012 "Pictures my dad forgot to take" at Bunkier Sztuki / Photomonth in Krakow, PL (solo) >See exhibition view<
2012 "Don't Live Alone" at Fundation No Local / Photomonth in Krakow, PL (part of a group exhibition "Sum is equal to the difference")
2012 "Don't Live Alone" at House of Art in Opava (Czech Republic). Part of group "I, You, We" exhibition / The Institute of Creative Photography, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Silesian University Opava. See >curatorial< and download >catalog (pdf)<
2012 "Don't Live Alone" - DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague (Prague Photo 2012, Czech Republic); (group "I, You, We" exhibition)
2012 "Don't Live Alone" - FF Gallery (Fotofestiwal Lodz 2012 / International Festival of Photography, Poland); (group "I, You, We" exhibition)

2011 "Don't Live Alone", Zamosc, Poland, solo at Zamosc Week of Photography
2011 "Warsaw commitment" (Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland, group exhibition for VI Polish Forum for Non-Governmental Initiatives
2011 "Extraordinary Employees", Warsaw, Poland, solo for Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

2007 "Volunteers 50+", Elblag, Poland, solo

Print publications

2017 Monocle The Winter Weekly - issue two (December 2012)
2017 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 106 (September 2017)
2017 MONOCLE The Summer Weekly: issue one (August 2017)
2017 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 103 (May 2017)
2017 Przekrój (no. 2)
2017 Wysokie Obcasy

2016 The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining
2016 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 97 (October 2016)
2016 The Escapist 2016 (MONOCLE Magazine) (July)
2016 Futu no. 3-4
2016 Futu no. 1-2
2016 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 95 (July-August)
2016 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 93 (May)
2016 Design Alive no. 18
2016 Design Alive Collector's Edition/Milan

2015/2016 Design Alive no. 17

2015 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 89 (December-January)
2015 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 88 (November)
2015 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 87 (October)
2015 The Escapist (MONOCLE Magazine) (July)
2015 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 86 (September)
2015 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 85 (July)

2014 MONOCLE Magazine Issue 78 (November)
2014 "European Prospects. Visual Exploration in an Undiscovered Continent" (published by Ffotogallery Wales Limited)
2014 "Do it in Warsaw!" vol. 3 - alternative guidebook, ed. Agora (Gazeta Wyborcza)

2013 SZUM Magazine no. 2
2013 C'est La Vie Magazine no. 4/5
2013 Normalizm 2
2013 MONITOR Magazine no. 3 and 4

2012 Zwykle Zycie quarterly no. 1/2012
2012 MONITOR Magazine no. 2
2012 Visegrad Insight, no. 2/2012 - photo-essay about hiking, tramping and climbing in Visegrad countries. Text: Szabina Kerenyi.
2012 "Warszawa / Architects, Designer, Activists on their city" ed. Agora ("Gazeta Wyborcza")
2012 Visegrad Insight, no. 1/2012 - exclusive reportage about provincial hospitals (together with Zuzana Halanova - Slovakia, Daniel Polacek - Czech Republic, Imre Varga - Hungary)

2011 "Zamojski Kwartalnik Kulturalny" (publication and review of "Don't Live Alone" exhibition)
2011 "PHOTO+" (South Korea, Seul - no. 9 - September 2011) - photos from "School" and interview
2011 "Kapitalne mozliwosci vol. 2" - portraits of young illustrators, ed. Regional Labour Office in Warsaw
2011 "K MAG" monthly (interview and photos, PDF with english text available >here< )
2011 "ZNAK" monthly
2011 "WAW" Magazine
2011 "Pass it on. 100 ideas from Young Managers of Culture", ed. The Association of the Creative Initiatives "e"

2010 "Do it in Warsaw!" - alternative guidebook, ed. Agora (Gazeta Wyborcza)
2010 "Kapitalne mozliwosci" - portraits of young illustrators, ed. Regional Labour Office in Warsaw
2010 "Tolerant. It happens" - reportages about local activists, ed. The Association of the Creative Initiatives "e", 2010
2010 "Seniors in action!" - reportages about local senior activists, ed. The Association of the Creative Initiatives "e"
2010 "ZOOM on community centres" - portraits and reportages about polish local culture animators, ed. The Association of the Creative Initiatives "e"
2010 - series of reportages about Warsaw alternative culture,

2009 "Poles who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Recalling Forgotten History" - ed. Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland
2009 "" monthly
2009 "Theater" monthly
2009 "Academia. The magazine of the Polish Academy of Sciences"

2008 "WYSPA" quarterly
2008 "On Nature" John Stuart Mill, ed. Res Publica Nowa, [photo on cover]
2008 "Res Publica Nowa" quarterly

2007 "Ashoka. Changemakers", polish edition

Online publications

- CULTURE.PL / Dazzlingly Obvious: The Photography of Public Spaces
- MONOCLE - Pole Position
- European Prospects
- Self Publish, Be Happy
- (not) common people - October 2012
- Prism Photomagazine no. 3 - January 2012
- Global Yodel
- fotoblogia
- spinacz spina
- young & fresh
- PONCZ Magazine Blog
- World Identity Lab


For prints please [contact] me. Some photos available as a giclee prints, signed and edited.